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Horário 09/11/2015

Palestra Internacional

Title: Vot.Ar: a bad election in Buenos Aires
Speaker: Ivan Arial Barrera Oro
Abtract: When the Buenos Aires city government decided to implement Vot.Ar as new voting system, which is an electronic voting system passed by decree, we thought that something was wrong: specially since that system uses RFID for the ballots. So we put our hands to the business, hacked the system, and proved that it was vulnerable to several attacks like bypassing login screens, remotely destroying ballots and adding several votes with a single specially crafted ballot. The system was open to all of the vulnerabilities during elections, despite our warnings. Other subjects such as the inner working of the system are also going to be presented. More information can be found at http://ivan.barreraoro.com.ar/vot-ar-una-mala-eleccion/
Mini-Bio: Known in the bits world as HacKan, Ivan Barrera Oro is passionate about electronics and informatics. He enjoys gaming, coding, designing stuff, sometimes building stuff, travelling, skiing, making devices work the way he wants to, whether they were designed to do so or not... He also loves wine :)


Apresentação de artigo

Título: Auditoria Especial no Sistema Eleitoral 2014
Autores: Amilcar Brunazo, Marco Carvalho, Márcio Teixeira (CMIND), Marcos Simplício Jr (Poli-USP), Clovis Fernandes (IDA)



Título: Resultados e perspectivas do Projeto Você Fiscal
Autor: Diego F. Aranha (UNICAMP)