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  • Access control models and mechanisms
  • Anonymity and privacy
  • Authentication and identity management
  • Biometric identification systems and techniques
  • Computational forensics and criminalistics
  • Cryptography and cryptanalysis: algorithms, protocols, techniques, and applications
  • Intellectual property protection and DRM
  • Secure hardware: RFID, smart cards, secure sensors
  • Secure Voting systems
  • Security and privacy in applications (digital TV, e-banking, social networks, smart grids)
  • Security incidents: prevention, detection, and response
  • Security in cloud computing
  • Security in databases
  • Security in distributed and parallel systems
  • Security in mobile and embedded systems
  • Security in networks
  • Security in operating systems
  • Security in pervasive computing
  • Security in the Internet of Things
  • Security policies, standards, and norms
  • Software security: development, tests, and certification
  • System audit and risk analysis
  • Trust management